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reply to Raja_P

Re: [Scam] Ebay Motors Scam

said by Raja_P :

Yes, I will contact MoneyGram.

I sent an email to the seller to verify the authenticity of the purchase protection account.

Few minutes ago I got the following email.

"eBay Motors"

eBay Motors Purchase Invoice #36681045 eBay

Dear Raja,

We have received your inquiry regarding the transaction you are currently involved in and we are happy to assist you.


You can tell the scammer/s are just salivating at the thought that may be picking up US $4,900.00 in cash from MoneyGram.

Did they refer you to any fake website for confirmation ?? If so can you post the name. Also, can you post all their email addresses that they communicated from. Header data with your personal info redacted would be nice too. Provided they did not email you from a Gmail account the originating IP would be interesting to know. Posting their email addresses will also help to alert other potential victims of this scammer.

Kudos to you for being smart and running a check on the "too good to be true deal". It may take them a few hundred attempts, but there are still those that fall for this scam. The payoff is huge for the scammers.