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Re: [northeast] Brooklyn,NY FIOS Deployments

said by parksl0pe :

said by anthezium:

shoot just put down a deposit for an apartment on st johns place by 6th. any idea who I could talk to to get some more information about this?
if fios is that important maybe u could have chcked for availibility before putting a deposit :-p

seriously though all of new york city will be wired by 2014
I mean the place is sweet and sadly the internet can't be the only criterion I'm hoping whatever cable they've got is decent. Anyway, noticed something interesting playing with Verizon's shitty online availability tool. For my place it's all like FiOS isn't available, whereas for a place two doors down it's like "FiOS Future Notification" or something. Any idea why some places come up with the future notification dealie and some come up with plain old no, especially on the same block? Does the future notification thing mean the block is wired or at least scheduled, or absolutely nothing? Also, does anybody know whether NYCKNYCL is the CO for this area? Is that relevant to the FiOS situation. If so, is this CO set up for it? Sorry if any of these are boneheaded questions; I'm new here.

figure 8

NYCKNYCL = Clinton ave central office,and it borders 14st c.o. . Go to Central Office finder and put in the first three numbers of your exchange. You'll be able to find out what office you work out of. (I dont think theres any fios activity happening there yet )