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Blackwood, NJ
reply to sonicmerlin


said by sonicmerlin:

said by Hpower:

National broadband plan = big time fail. More lobbying, more corporate greed, more regulation, more taxing, and more FAILED networks. I don't think we really want the damn government to run the internet. It is way too complex and too much work for them.

I mean common, Obama's CFO doesn't even have FIREFOX and says even he himself feels powerless since they have such old computers....and we want them to operate our national broadband? ROFL!
No one's asking for the government to 'run the internet'. Consumers simply want the government to protect them from the duopolistic price gouging that's been going on for a decade now.
and then when the government owns portions of the infrastructure, what stops them from regulating what can or cant be sent over it, what gets charged for the service, and keeping it up? our founders knew all governments will always try to grab more power. after all, they know better than you do.

once you depend on the government for non-essentials, when does it stop?

Price Gouging???? that phrase still exists?? seriously? prices are set based on cost of operation and market forces. if they have no competition, the price generally goes up. either suck it up or start your own ISP to compete. quit whining like a 3 month old entitled to his mother's tit and take an econ 101 class...and actually pay attention.

businesses are designed to turn as much profit as possible. "as much profit as possible" means best price for the business, not the consumer. sometimes this means lower prices, sometimes higher.

Also, why the hell should i be paying taxes in NJ so some dude in Kansas, Idaho, or PA gets cable or DSL internet?
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