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Decatur, TN

Cisco 2600 XM setup.

I have a 2600XM laying around I am going to setup at my house. The old 804 is being a real pain lately.

I have ordered a WIC 1B-U-V2 interface card for it. It will arrive monday. I am having difficulty understanding which voice card to get for it. There are many. All I want is for it to function as the 804 did. Just for 1 pots line as that is all I use. And of course internet access.

The 2600 had 2 dual T1 wics in it that I had bonded for a 6 meg internet connection. Has IOS version 12.2 on it. I plan on upgrading that to 12.3 so I will have DDNS functionality.

I know it seems a little overkill but.. The main question is what model of voice interface card do I need to use my analog phone with it.

Thanks Everybody!