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Euclid, OH
reply to Somnambul33t

Re: Letter to the FCC Chairman

said by Somnambul33t:

do u honestly think we'd have 50/10 plans commonly throughout major markets if not for Verizon/ATT/Comcast trying to 1-up each other? i dont.
That's the whole problem: It's only in select markets... namely large cities (and most do not even cover the majority of the city). If we give businesses freedom to do as they please that is all that will happen in the next 10-20 years. The largest of cities will have the most choices while smaller cities and suburbs will have the same access they do today: One or two providers, same speed, same or higher prices as today because noone will want to budge when there is few or no competing companies. Esentially those in larger metro areas will be paying similar pricing to other nations per bit while smaller cities and suburbs will still be paying out massive markup for technology that (at that time) will be decades old.

Note I am not even referring to uncovered rural areas that companies do not want to touch.

The whole problem is the digital divide that was brought up before all the 'next-gen' services came out. They were silenced by companies claiming that that would never happen, "see? we built out in one or two small towns / rural areas to please you, now go away." Unfortunately they did go away and what they feared is happening: That large cities may have competition but just about anywhere else will be left in the 90s in terms of service, pricing, etc.

- "Techie" Jim