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Channels available without a digital box

I live in the london are, on rogers website its telling me that I can get these channels without a box...Channels 2-105, any prices on these?

Also when I called rogers they said that since I have a HD tv that I needed to buy or rent a HD box, I told them that according to your website I dont need a box, they said it was wrong....Hmmm.....


bottom right I selected where I live and without a box....
Who should I believe???


Stratford, ON
just because you have an HD tv you do not need an HD box( only if you wish to watch digital or HD channels would you need that box. Basic analog channels your built in TV tuner can do NP and with the cable just plugged into the back of the set.

Hope that helps.
All calls to rogers techs are to be considered sales attempts by their employees and may be why he told you, you have to have an HD box rental to up his sales numbers to keep his job.

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reply to Rogers
OK, HD requires that you have an HD digital box. Although you have an HD TV, that is only capable of receiving ATSC Digital signals. Most Cable companies use a slightly different Digital standard with authentication, which allows them to control which channels you can watch.

There are definitely mistakes in that channel guide. For example, it states that channels 1-96 are available in Ottawa. Reality is that you can only get 2-70 on analogue service. You can't get channel 1!

Without a box, you only get the analogue channels, so I would be surprised if you can get up to 105!

An HDTV doesn't necessarily have an analogue tuner ... you'll have to confirm that. That will get you channels certainly 2-70 ..

To get the digital Cable channels you must have a cable digital set top box because of that different digital format from broadcast digital.

Waterloo, ON
reply to Rogers
Come Aug 2011 your gonna need a digital box anyways as that's the time they kill analog signals.

You can get Digital Basic for 37$ and with that you get 17 HD channels.
abc,cbc,ctv,citytv,E,cbcnewsworld,fox,Global,NBC,Omni 1&2,PBS,TheScore,Sportsnet,SunTV,RadioCanada.

HD Terminals are 12.95/month 249.99 to buy HDPVR's are 24.95/month 499.00 to buy,lots of times you can see these on sale at SIGNIFICANTLY reduced prices @ Futureshop and BestBuy.

Rogers PVR's are pretty dodgy I would avoid buying one of those non PVR HD terminals I prefer the DCT 6200 over the Explorer 4250.

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Not quite ...

In August 2011, for over the air (OTA), Canada's more populated areas will go digital. Some parts of the north will be delayed.

Cable operators, just as in the USA do not need to convert to digital. They can continue to distribute non-digital signals, but it is important to note that Cable "Digital" and Over the Air "Digital" are not the same thing.

A digital over-the-air convertor box will not get you cable TV signals, and a digital cable box will not get you over the air digital TV.

New TVs for Canada are being made with both analogue and Digital OTA (ATSC) tuners. They still need a cable set top box of some sort for cable tv.

HD is another matter again. HD requires either a digital HD TV or digital convertor with HD for over the air, or a cable set top box with HD capability for cable.

This conversion has not been a straight forward migration due to the lack of compatibility requirements, and the differences between cable digital and ota digital.