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Drexel Hill, PA
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Re: Share code


And I celebrate when I figure out how to do a 'user registration via email link' on my website.

When you learn as you go.. you take what you can get

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Per Ardua Ad Astra
ExMod 2002-04
downloadantispamscript.zip 848 bytes
Spam-Proof Email Linking

Recently I've been seeing more and more spam arrive on certain mail-accounts we are using here at home. Especially the account of my brother that is mentioned on a certain website.

Most of you have also probably seen the attempts made by Justin to project the e-mail address that are on some of our DSLR profile pages (if you opted in on your preferences page)

Nice image Justin, but I can't click on it

So what did I do? Combine the best of both worlds I hope

I decided to share it; see the attached file for more since I cannot add the code in this post without messing it up
(even when using the {code} and {pre} block

You can of course change the image to whatever you like and I think this is very cool

I really hope you like this solution!
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Miami, FL
This was such a neat and useful script I decided to make it visible on the page for you, Starfish. Good work.

<title>Spam-Proof Email Linking</title>


<script language="JavaScript">
function mailme()
This script will try to prevent that your e-mailaddress is being found by spambots.
You can easily configure it to suit your own needs:

- 'var user' contains your complete username that comes before the '@'-sign, REQUIRED!

- 'var domain' contains the complete domain that comes after the '@'-sign, REQUIRED!

- 'var subject' contains a subject and is OPTIONAL. Just don't remove or comment the line,
because the script WILL return an error. Just make it blank if you don't need it
(var subject = "")

Made by Starfish, 2002
var user = "thestarfish";
var domain = "gmx.net";
var subject = "About your Spam-proof Script.."
window.location = ('mailto:' + user + '@' + domain + '?subject=' + subject);

<a href="#" onClick="mailme()"><img src="http://www.dslreports.com/i/button.php3?font=eurostib&bg=255255255&fg=000000000&sh=128128128&delta=0&sz=16&text=thesta rfish@gmx.net" border="0"></a>


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