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Monster Rain

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250 GB is meaningless

Just a reminder, 250GB is pretty much meaningless. Comcast was ordered to provide a number and that's what they said. Many people have reported going above that number without anything being done by Comcast. You have to be on a congested node, and be part of the reason for the congestion, and be one of the heaviest users on Comcast's network in order to be warned, let alone cut off. I wouldn't worry about using 230 or 240.

As far as suggesting that Comcast should allow literally unlimited usage, that is obviously impossible. Some degree of congestion management HAS to be implemented, otherwise none of us would have affordable residential high speed internet service at all.

A T1 line costs several hundred dollars a month for a reason. If you want Comcast to provide you the same access to the internet at a much higher speed and at a much lower cost with unlimited bandwidth, you are being irrational.