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how to stack 4200, 4500 with 3300, 4400

hi guys
I'd like to buy 4200 48-ports or 4500 48-ports.
can I have any problems with stack those switches with my old 3300 and 4400 ??

thanks in advance


San Marcos, CA
3300 can only stack using a matrix cable and max stack is 4.

4400 will need a stack extender kit but I think you can have up to 9.

4500 gives you the best options because it stacks using it a gigabit ports on the front of the switch. You can stack( Non XRN) with 5500 and I think the new 4800.

Not sure what the 4200 stacking abilities are but I think it's also gigabit stacking compatible witht he 4500 and 5500 but not positive.

You cannot truely stack 3300's and 4400's with anything other than a similar switch.