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Spring City, PA

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Can I use another VOIP router with cavtel

I'm grandfathered in with Cavtel using my original Phonom VOIP router. The unit went south and choked back my bandwidth to below dial-up speeds. After troubleshooting everything past the DSL modem, I called and asked for a new one. They refused, stating that they no longer support the VOIP routers but also cannot make me change to a land-line based service either. As a work around, a made my wirless router static, set the phonom box to DHCP and plut it behind the wireless. Everything worked great since the faulty device could still support the voice bandwith. Now its getting worse so I need to find an alternative. I cannot find any Phonom models online to purchase used - does anyone know if I can use another model? If so, what type? I could try flashing the firmware after a reset but I don't have any firmware updates available. Support states I need to use their equipment but I suspect the only filtering the do is MAC level from the modem.