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Rosedale, MD

Cricket not working with Snow Leopard

My Cricket modem worked great - until I installed Snow Leopard on my Macbook. Repeated installations have not worked. Basically, each time I insert the modem into the USB port, the drive shows up with the installation package. The software is located on the USB drive, and when I installed it before, this didn't show up after a successful install.

Does anyone have a fix for this? I have just emailed Cricket to find out if they are going to post an updated version of the software.

xero blade

getting snow leopard is like a snow job because the things it adds does nothing for you and it makes alot of your software/ hardware break. Downgrade if you can for a couple months until you find out that cricket fixed the issue. This is a Apple issue that most MAC people have alot of issues with, more so since Apple updates way more than microsoft on OS versions. So just downgrade and be happy. The snow leopard upgrade does nothing special... its more like a service pack that you dont need. Most of the new OS doesnt work right now because its features arnt supported by a lot of software yet.