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[DVR] Cisco RNG200 box with supplied Comcast remote

I turned in my old HD-DVR cable boxes last night to Comcast and was handed the "brand new" Cisco RNG200 box with fresh remotes. The remotes are the standard-issue Comcast ones in my area: »www.therazor.org/images/comcast_ ··· mote.jpg

Well, while the new box is shiny and new - it does not work.

The LIST button does not work at all.
The Exit button does not work at all.
The A - B - C buttons do not work - instead, the first three PIP buttons work in place of them.
The PIP does not work (obviously).

And there are other issues.

I used the supplied code in the manual, and I called Comcast and spoke to someone who told me to enter something like 973 which also did not work.

Has anyone else had this same issue? Any advice/fix? This is happening on two different boxes with two different remotes.

Thank you in advance!


Palm City, FL

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I found this information regarding the remotes used for the RNG200 box. According to the image you posted, you may have the wrong remotes.
quickxote.com/media/rng/slide_2. ··· e_2.html'

I would like to know what boxes you had and why did you replace them. I was at my local Comcast office a few days ago and was going to pick up the new box. After seeing it and doing some online research, I decided against it. There seems to be a lot of issues with these new boxes. I have the SA 8300HD/DVR and have no problems at all. I figured, don't fix something that's not broken!.


The main box I used for my big-screen was completely messed up.

All day long, even though it was not set to do so, the box believed it was recording the ABC-HD channel. I say believed, because it was actually not recording it. Because of this, I could only record one program at a time any time of day. If I wanted to watch TV at the same time, I couldn't, I would have to watch the program I was recording. ALSO, going to that ABC-HD channel would direct me to CBS-HD. I hard-reset it, canceled all recordings, called Comcast, etc. It was the strangest thing ever.

I figured if I was going in to get one new box, might as well get both new. The second box also had some overheating issues and would often be quite loud at times.

That link is AWESOME - I think that's the answer! I looked all over and could not find that.

Anyone else have a suggestion/thought/fix as well?


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ALSO, I thought the new box would have a new "operating system." My friend has Comcast about 20 miles south from me and has a completely different box, remote and menu - much sleeker and looks awesome.

Schaumburg, IL
I think the RNG is for SA (Scientific Atlanta) areas. Comcast is mainly using the basic SARA software on those. Most other Comcast areas are Motorola based, and use iGuide.


That sounds about right - iGuide is so much better. Do you think that is something they all will eventually be upgraded to?

Any idea on the RNG200 issue?


Palm City, FL
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said by SilverGator :

...I figured if I was going in to get one new box, might as well get both new. The second box also had some overheating issues and would often be quite loud at times...
Do some more searches on this box. The one result that stands out most to me was concerning overheating. Some people were afraid to leave them connected at night due to this issue. There was also mention of the guide only being programmable for 24 hours.


Thank you - but the overheating was relating to my OLD box that he asked about. I have no problems with the RNG200 OTHER than the remote control issue I mentioned above...


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Went to Comcast today and they had a guy at the door handing out the new remote control. Obviously a FAIL on their part! Thanks for the heads-up


Weirton, WV
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i wish the motorola/iguide systems had picture in picture, the interactive features of the cisco boxes and the channel logos in the guide. I guess we are catching up now as the new dcx boxes support all of these features, have a 250gb hard drive minimum, can do the whole house dvr, and eventually you will be able to hookup an external hard drive.
Just how long will it take for these features to be available except for the whole house dvr.