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Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY

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reply to RPeters

Re: Broadband in a Box

said by RPeters:

The dishes are the same. What are we doing wrong?
The two modems are almost certainly loaded with different sets of satellite parameters; yours for a SkyFX signal, his for a StarConnect signal. That's why you don't interfere with each other.

You could try changing your parameters to match his. But it would be a futile gesture if the StarConnect signal is off the satellite anyway. At least that's what it sounds like - StarConnect went bust, dropped off the air, is trying to find alternatives for stranded customers.

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Nashville, TN
Isn't this just SKYWAY USA disguised?


Charlotte, NC
reply to grohgreg
Thank you Greg. She's going to do the school stuff over here on the laptop. If her house was closer, she could almost stay where she is. Nice lady. It's ok.

I think compuguybna is wrong. Skyfx is in Syracuse,N.Y. and Skyway is in Ky. I had Skyway in 06 and they went down for months and we all lost in that deal. Big Time.