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Glen Burnie, MD
reply to FFH5

Re: Customers understand upgrading a network is hard & expensive

said by FFH5:

said by jhboricua:

Um, what does that has to do with the lack of functionality on the data plan?
Nothing. BUt I was answering a pricing question. Can you read?
And you are completely wrong about pricing too.

ATT is charging what they know they can get away with because THEY HAVE THE IPHONE.

ATT charges $30/month for a data plan that you MUST have to use an iPhone on their network (forget jail breaking and using it on other networks.) An additional $20/month gets you unlimited text messaging.

In comparison, T-mobile charges $35/month for data, visual voicemail and unlimited text messaging on their G1 and MyTouch phones. Verizon charges $20/month for 5000 text messages with unlimited mobile to mobile plus an addition $29.99/month for the basic data plan on their PDA (not Blackberry) phones (and add an additional $2.99 for visual voicemail.) Sprint charges $99/month for everything so take out $40/month for typical voice plans and that equals about $60/month.

So Verizon and ATT charges about the same for PDA type phones ($50/month.) So that means that IF Verizon did get the iPhone, it might have been more expensive on their network just because it is an iPhone. Lets not forget how Verizon loves to disable features on some phones.

ATT is practicing a basic rule of capitalism; charge what the market will bear. Even Sprint is advertising how much a Palm Pre will save someone over the cost of a plan with an iPhone. But everyone wants the iPhone.

Another issue is no one is really sure that Verizon's network could handle the traffic of the iPhone. Face it, that many new subscribers will tax any system. Who is to say any other provider wouldn't have the same issues?