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Tulsa, OK
reply to utp216

Re: Off topic

said by utp216:

Do any of you users have an iPhone as there only phone on a plan by itself? I am wondering what the ballpark on cost is for a 700 or so minute plan with unlimited text and the iPhone data plan.

I am wondering this because I recently upgraded (if that's what you want to call it) my girlfriend's phone on my ATT plan to an iPhone. I think that my bill should only change for the $30 amount of the data plan since nothing else has changed. My bill seemed a tad bit high over the last two months so I think ATT has something wrong on my plan.

It's a cool phone but I told her I'm not getting an iPhone until at least MMS works with a non-jailbroken phone. I will stick to my Blackjack 2 for the time being. It tethers and does everything else and I've been using it for two years now.
I have an iPhone 3GS as my only phone on a plan by itself. I think I get a 15% discount from work or school but with the 450 minute plan and 200 text messages my bill comes out to about $85/mo after taxes and if I don't go over on text messages which are an additional .10/each. With my original iPhone at&t only charged me .05 for each additional text message.

For you, If you wanted 900 minutes which is $60, and unlimited texting for $20, then the $30 for the unlimited data plan, add roughly 15% for taxes and all the other fees they throw on there, I'm guessing your bill would be around $125/mo assuming you don't get any discounts and don't go over on minutes.