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Jackson, TN

Belkin N 150 Port Forward Problem

I have had a Belkin Wireless-G router for a long time(4-5years), and it worked great with everything. A online game I play requires ports to be forwarded, it worked fine on the old one by simply setting static IP on the PSP, and forwarding the ports(which happen to be any port between 5730-5739). Never even needed UPNP.

I got this new router N 150 today because my old one was starting to get really hot on the bottom. I set the new one up, and didn't think about the gaming at the time. I MANUALLY edited all the settings(I've never used the CDs). PCs connected and worked fine(didn't need any ports forwarded).

Later, I decided I wanted to get online, so I tried connecting - got Ports not forwarded, and though "oh well no big deal", so I logged into the router's admin panel(, forwarded the ports to the static IP. This got me online, however it will not allow me to host(the reason you need ports to open). The game has UPNP, even when using it(and its activated in the router), I get the same error "Cannot create game in current network enviorment" which means ports aren't forwarded correctly.

Wondering if by some chance, something changed on my ISP's side, I connected the old router - and INSTANTLY it connected with no errors. I then compared the settings side-by-side, and confirmed everything was correct.

What I've tried;
-Manually setting a static IP, and forwarding ports to this IP
-Disabling firewall
-Using the CD, which took about 45seconds and it came back and said "everything is good!"

As a note; I don't have a modem, I use wireless internet(not mobile, but WISP). My ISP does not do any port blocking(I asked them about this), I CAN setup remote management on the router(80, and 8080) and have people connect in fine.

The game requires UDP ports, which I have forwarded but it still doesn't let me....

Any suggestions?


Jackson, TN
Oh, and I also updated the router to the latest firmware from the Belkin site.


Boca Raton, FL

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reply to MatthewAlan
4-5 years time to change out that router. Well you did, but you got another wireless g router even though the word N is on the router it's merely a G wireless router. The Belkin N and N+ are true 300mbps routers although they're max speed is 120 to 150mbps. If you just got this N150 best to take it back and get the N Router or N+ Router with Gig ports and USB storage the price difference is $10 bucks. I have N+ I am happy with it I use the USB storage feature with a WD Passport USB 2.0 HDD which then it shows up in my Network Places or under the run \\router ip\my passport. This way any computer on your network wired or wireless can access the in this example the WD Passport. Downloads and Transfers are pretty darn good then thanks to the WD internal buffering and RPMs on the HDD disc does help.

Your forwarding is done in the Virtual Servers on Belkin wireless router gear. Not hard to setup the ports you want to open on the selected the computer you want to use.