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Kill The Socialists
reply to patcat88

Re: Just my two cents' worth...

said by patcat88:

said by Steven :

I notice a lot of folks are rather elitist about MMS. I have a daughter in Florida who likes to stay in touch by sending me pics of things she is doing and things that are going on in her life. She has a little $49 piece of garbage that can do that. I, with my big-time Iphone, have been unable to send or receive those bits of info, and that is VERY important to me and my wife. MMS is a way of staying in touch easily and efficiently with family members around the country. So yes, it is important, and it's about time (actually years late) that AT&T step up and stop treating us like second-class citizens. They might re-read the old story about the "golden goose".
Why not have her phone EMAIL the pics to you? All MMS phones can send to an email address.
that would make too much sense
"and no matter how drunk you get .. don't lick the wall socket to test polarity..."