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westell E90-610015-06 can i use it with centurytel

i recently upgraded my dsl from 3mb to 10mb, but my current model can only go up to 5mb.

so i bought a dsl modem off craigslist

westell E90-610015-06 rev c it was used for verizon.

im having a hard time getting this thing to work for centurytel. i have a router already that i like. been trying to put this thing in to bridge mode and it says i have, but i can't get any connection out of it?

will this even work with centurytel? should i upgrade the firmware?

can anyone give me some hints on getting it working.


out there
Can't answer the question about the modem model. Mine is a E90-610014-06 so it's a different model than what you have.

Here are the instructions I used to set my Westell modem into bridge mode: » ··· 6100.htm You'll need to figure out what the IP address range is that the modem is using and set a computer to another IP address in that same range. You probably already know that if you've gotten into the modem settings already.

(ignore all references to MAC filtering/cloning - the instructions were written for Verizon users)

thanks for the instructions.

im looking to set this up with my router. both the router and the modem are using the same ip address. should i change one?

out there
Yeah - I have my modem at and the router at


Trussville, AL
reply to lineman2010
be sure to set the VPI/VCI. I had to set my zoom modem to VPI=8 and VCI=35 to work.


Sheridan, MI
said by stroonza:

be sure to set the VPI/VCI. I had to set my zoom modem to VPI=8 and VCI=35 to work.
correct I am using an ATT modem w/ CLink and it works just fine the westell seemed buggy.