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Applegate, CA
reply to foothilldave

Re: starconnect down 9/1 ?

Just got word from SkyFX support that as of this Friday 9/18 they will own the starconnect accounts. I was told they will keep the same satellite (AMC6), F11 modem settings, email, and dial-up settings - so zero changeover to do, unless you want to move to the AMC15 satellite (more southern than AMC6). So basically the credit-card charges go to SkyFX (and a few cents cheaper at $39.95/mo) but otherwise identical service. Sorry starconnect had issues but good news is service should be back up soon.

I'm kinda glad I didn't get impatient and switch to WildBlue or other too quick. I had SkyFX originally and had good luck with them (after startup equipment pains).

said by foothilldave:

unless you want to move to the AMC15 satellite (more southern than AMC6)
Just a minor quibble - geosynchronous satellites are never more southern or more northern compared to each other - they are all at 0 degrees of latitude.

AMC6 is due south of a line between Boston and New York, and AMC15 is due south of Denver. Depending on where you are around the country one or the other is "more south" of you, but not the same one in all parts of the country.

AMC15 is way higher in the sky for you in California, while AMC6 is way higher in the sky for someone in the East.

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