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Helena, MT
reply to AnonInsider

Re: Massive Slowdowns?

Thanks for the info AnonInsider. I hope it's true, and that it's being addressed. A little less snark would be appreciated though, smart guy.

In the last week I've had several people where I work asking me about the problems Bresnan seems to be having. The frustration level is high because the phone support folks, who I realize don't have a choice, are sticking to their scripted "solutions" of "unplug/restart your router/modem/computer", "you have a virus and need to take in to be cleaned up", etc. There was even an instance when a Bresnan field tech came out to check the line (which was fine) and ended up with him in a swearing tirade on the phone with his own tech people, essentially because they were giving HIM the run around.

Word has been getting around quickly at work (a little agency of 2000) about all of this, and Bresnan's rep is sinking fast across the state. Most have said they'd be ok if Bresnan admitted the problem and were working on it, rather than being buried under the piles of BS that have been shoveled out.

I've had good service with Bresnan up to now, and hope it returns. However the current dishonesty is disappointing for something we're paying hard cash for, especially in this economic climate.


Helena, MT
reply to bigburd
downloadmtr.txt 1,891 bytes
mtr output
downloadtracepath.txt 1,600 bytes
tracepath output
downloadtraceroute.txt 1,789 bytes
traceroute output
Here is a report from mtr, tracepath and traceroute. All are awful and I have contacted Bresnan support and sent them the traceroute results also.


Butte, MT
reply to AnonInsider
Now wait.. HAHA!

You started your post saying it was NOT a bandwidth problem, then at the end of your post you say at peak hours Bresnan's traffic gets a lower priority than qwests???? Is... this... not... a bandwidth.... problem? And just how do BGP routes happen to become broken DAILY at ~5pm and run well into the night??? I watched very close yesterday and it was like somebody was standing at a switchbox at 5pm, flipped the switch and everything slowed down. NOT ONLY THIS but our digital TV channels haven't worked for a day and a half now. I can't get any HD channels, I can't watch any on-demand movies, and the music channels are gone! All I get is a "Please Wait' on the screen. Personally I believe bresnan is harrassing me because they don't like what I am saying/doing. I know they are watching this thread. So let's get the score here:

1. I lose any and all functional bandwidth at ~5pm every day to where I cannot work and definitely cannot play any online games.

2. Neither of my cable boxes are capable of getting HD channels

3. neither of my cable boxes are capable of getting on-demand

4. neither of my cable boxes are capable of getting the digital music

5. I'm paying hard earned money for this

Bresnan has claimed:
1. it is my router
2. it is folks outside the other end of their network (out of their control)
3. 360 networks had bad BGP routes that seem to only be broken at ~5pm but they are fixed now
4. speakeasy speedtest do not provide any form of reliable information (although I get full speed all day long until 5pm)
5. "we do not read DSL reports" which is clearly a lie with the last post
6. Qwest's traffic gets more priority over the backbone which clearly tells me they are capable of providing a more reliable connection and better service. Somebody should tell qwest this so they can push this fact onto the public in the form of a commercial.

Look you and your Bresnan cronies can blah blah all day long. I know what I am experiencing and it is making it impossible for me to work OR play which is what I am paying my hard earned money for. I have no faulty equipment at the moment and all is working fine contrary to bresnan's claims. I'm going to take this into a whole new direction tonight after work, get ready bresnan.


reply to nate2073
downloadgblx la.txt 1,137 bytes
Los Angeles via Global Crossing
downloadqwest denver.txt 1,413 bytes
Denver via Qwest
downloadsprint dc.txt 1,537 bytes
Washington DC via Sprint
downloadl3 zurich.txt 584 bytes
Zurich via Level 3
When submarine telecommunication cables are involved (as in your example), then latency will certainly be higher the further you are from that cable's landing station. Your ISP can no more shorten that network delay then I could speed up your voice echo across the Grand Canyon.

To illustrate this, here are traceroutes from different geographic POPs to natsuki.mplayerhq.hu. Note how each origin traverses a common route, but the delay is ~40% lower when starting from DC than from LA. Just for fun, I also included from Zurich, since that's the last intermediate hop. Very speedy!

If it makes you feel any better, there could be someone over in Hungary experiencing the same latency when connecting to a server near you.


Butte, MT
i really don't know what this has to do with the price of tea in china


Butte, MT

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reply to bigburd
EDIT: I forgot to add the speakeasy results to this..

Last Result:
Download Speed: 2161 kbps (270.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 859 kbps (107.4 KB/sec transfer rate)

traceroute to illwillpress.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 host-10-252-148-1.but-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 9.563 ms 6.477 ms 6.542 ms
2 butmtfh2hb6-GE-0-0-0-U120.int.bresnan.net ( 10.611 ms 13.769 ms 10.524 ms
3 hlnmt002hb7-SO-1-2-0-U10.int.bresnan.net ( 14.724 ms 19.700 ms 18.509 ms
4 mslmtfh1hb7-GE-0-0-0-U432.int.bresnan.net ( 25.860 ms 21.044 ms 20.169 ms
5 mslmt001hb1-VL80.int.bresnan.net ( 20.745 ms 26.997 ms 22.679 ms
6 ( 35.444 ms 40.247 ms 33.805 ms
7 LEGACY-SIX-ADDRESS.PLEASE-RENUMBER.six.seax.hgtn.net ( 40.860 ms 44.589 ms 42.269 ms
8 e1-1.pr0.ordx.hgtn.net ( 116.517 ms 107.039 ms 104.020 ms
9 e1-5.pr0.atlx.hgtn.net ( 150.402 ms 150.477 ms 148.282 ms
10 e1-13.pr0.tpax.hgtn.net ( 164.258 ms 164.742 ms 162.448 ms
11 e1-20.co2.as30217.net ( 133.253 ms 133.171 ms 138.255 ms
12 * * te49.dr5.as30217.net ( 132.850 ms
13 ( 136.028 ms 132.823 ms 135.737 ms
14 ( 135.398 ms 135.460 ms 142.169 ms


traceroute to whitehouse.gov (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 host-10-252-148-1.but-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 8.659 ms 10.410 ms 11.989 ms
2 butmtfh2hb6-GE-0-0-0-U120.int.bresnan.net ( 20.161 ms 8.481 ms 9.392 ms
3 hlnmt002hb7-SO-1-2-0-U10.int.bresnan.net ( 35.263 ms 39.355 ms 43.923 ms
4 mslmtfh1hb7-GE-0-0-0-U432.int.bresnan.net ( 39.597 ms 33.619 ms 21.210 ms
5 mslmt001hb1-VL80.int.bresnan.net ( 18.149 ms 17.846 ms 17.929 ms
6 ( 34.197 ms 40.071 ms 54.488 ms
7 pdx1-core-02.360.net ( 74.132 ms 62.676 ms 59.600 ms
8 ( 67.628 ms 64.531 ms 74.088 ms
9 den1-edge-01.360.net ( 64.712 ms 71.608 ms 69.667 ms
10 ge-6-16.car2.Denver1.Level3.net ( 70.686 ms 67.407 ms 69.101 ms
11 COMCAST-IP.car2.Denver1.Level3.net ( 428.201 ms 445.766 ms 472.579 ms
12 pos-0-8-0-0-cr01.dallas.tx.ibone.comcast.net ( 442.529 ms 430.962 ms 443.713 ms
13 pos-0-14-0-0-cr01.losangeles.ca.ibone.comcast.net ( 432.464 ms 413.496 ms 422.565 ms
14 * * *


Look what happens here when it gets to the outer edge of 360 networks..

# traceroute getbent.com
traceroute to getbent.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 host-10-252-148-1.but-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 7.694 ms 7.801 ms 8.610 ms
2 butmtfh2hb6-GE-0-0-0-U120.int.bresnan.net ( 10.031 ms 7.889 ms 8.729 ms
3 hlnmt002hb7-SO-1-2-0-U10.int.bresnan.net ( 24.152 ms 17.438 ms 15.139 ms
4 mslmtfh1hb6-GE-1-3-0-U432.int.bresnan.net ( 29.347 ms 25.240 ms 20.828 ms
5 mslmt001hb1-VL72.int.bresnan.net ( 18.014 ms 19.748 ms 20.901 ms
6 ( 35.269 ms 38.126 ms 39.111 ms
7 pdx1-core-02.360.net ( 62.932 ms 65.322 ms 59.140 ms
8 ( 67.556 ms 81.262 ms 64.215 ms
9 den1-edge-01.360.net ( 61.883 ms 63.190 ms 60.036 ms
10 * * ge-6-16.car2.Denver1.Level3.net ( 66.960 ms
11 ae-31-53.ebr1.Denver1.Level3.net ( 68.253 ms 95.572 ms 81.065 ms
12 ae-2.ebr2.Dallas1.Level3.net ( 83.784 ms 90.631 ms 90.959 ms
13 ae-61-68.ebr1.Dallas1.Level3.net ( 89.082 ms 97.673 ms 105.951 ms
14 ae-8-8.car1.Phoenix1.Level3.net ( 91.106 ms 94.780 ms 88.502 ms
15 ae-11-11.car2.Phoenix1.Level3.net ( 109.853 ms 290.368 ms 135.724 ms
16 THE-GO-DADD.car2.Phoenix1.Level3.net ( 99.084 ms 91.747 ms 91.125 ms
17 ip-208-109-112-154.ip.secureserver.net ( 111.383 ms 95.324 ms 91.775 ms
18 * * *
19 * * *
20 *


traceroute to bresnan.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 host-10-252-148-1.but-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 23.947 ms 19.135 ms 16.672 ms
2 butmtfh2hb6-GE-0-0-1-U96.int.bresnan.net ( 18.947 ms 12.084 ms 10.305 ms
3 hlnmt002hb7-SO-1-2-0-U10.int.bresnan.net ( 27.578 ms 19.959 ms 19.263 ms
4 mslmtfh1hb7-GE-0-0-0-U432.int.bresnan.net ( 21.091 ms 18.560 ms 21.297 ms
5 mslmt001hb1-VL80.int.bresnan.net ( 23.591 ms 21.197 ms 18.683 ms
6 ( 40.798 ms 35.179 ms 36.292 ms
7 te1-3.cer01.seattle-datacenter.com ( 39.180 ms 38.546 ms 38.891 ms
8 po01.fcr01.sea01.seattle-datacenter.com ( 37.888 ms 39.363 ms 38.687 ms
9 ( 40.059 ms 40.086 ms 44.270 ms
10 * * *
11 * * *
12 * * *
13 * * *
14 * * *
15 * * *
16 * * *
17 * * *
18 * * *
19 * * *
20 * * *
21 * * *
22 * * *
23 * * *
24 * * *

I've decided on taking a whole new perspective of this. We have the batteries charged on the video camera and we're filming the absolute nightmare we are going through with these folks. The wife just got off the phone with them again after an hour of them telling her we can view on-demand just fine. They pretty much told her she is a liar and what she says is happening isn't happening. They also told her they would have a guy out to look at it and he never showed up. At about 4:30 she called them and asked where the guy was they said "what guy?". So then we had to reschedule for thursday, then they tried telling us they would charge us for the guy and there was no way he could be out at around 4:30 or later. Eventually we got the guy at our time. Wife told them he is only to come and see for himself what is happening he is not allowed to repair anything inside the house unless it is their equipment and he acknowledges this is their problem, not ours. I am confident this issue is not mine and is most certainly theirs or their providers which I could really care less they are responsible to deal with the issue and provide me with the services they promised and I pay for. Anyhow I have an idea for a youtube clip with this and I'm going to probably go that route to prove once and for all I am not messing with these people in any way. Beyond that I'm thinking I'm gonna have to start contacting and bugging the Federal Trade Commission and other entities.. it's all I can do they won't work with me and I need to be able to work. I can't believe these people do not take me seriously.


Laurel, MT

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reply to bigburd
im getting the same results as you guys tracing to those ip's and i am on Cable Montana. Bigburd i believe this is an issue for anyone that traces to it, here is a trace from a buddy of mine that lives in seattle.

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 8 ms 7 ms 8 ms ge-3-41-ur01.bellevue.wa.seattle.comcast.net [68
4 10 ms 9 ms 9 ms be-50-ar01.burien.wa.seattle.comcast.net [68.86.
5 20 ms 11 ms 11 ms be-30-ar01.seattle.wa.seattle.comcast.net [68.85
6 11 ms 13 ms 14 ms pos-0-3-0-0-cr01.seattle.wa.ibone.comcast.net [6]
7 12 ms 14 ms 11 ms te-3-2.car1.Seattle1.Level3.net []
8 11 ms 17 ms 18 ms ae-31-51.ebr1.Seattle1.Level3.net []

9 38 ms 35 ms 35 ms ae-7.ebr2.SanJose1.Level3.net []
10 29 ms 32 ms 35 ms ae-92-92.csw4.SanJose1.Level3.net []

11 29 ms 32 ms 35 ms ae-93-93.ebr3.SanJose1.Level3.net []

12 46 ms 53 ms 37 ms ae-2.ebr3.LosAngeles1.Level3.net []
13 54 ms 36 ms 40 ms ae-92-98.ebr2.LosAngeles1.Level3.net [
14 46 ms 46 ms 47 ms ae-4-4.car2.Phoenix1.Level3.net []
15 50 ms 50 ms 49 ms THE-GO-DADD.car2.Phoenix1.Level3.net [
16 50 ms 49 ms 50 ms ip-208-109-112-154.ip.secureserver.net [208.109.
17 * * * Request timed out.
18 * * * Request timed out.
19 * * * Request timed out.
20 * * * Request timed out.
21 90 ms 53 ms 55 ms ip-64-202-160-153.secureserver.net []
22 * * * Request timed out.
23 53 ms 50 ms 49 ms parkwebwin-v02.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net []

Tracing route to parkwebwin-v02.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 11 ms 15 ms 9 ms
2 10 ms 9 ms 10 ms 24-72-200-1.static.cablemt.net []
3 19 ms 21 ms 20 ms blnmt002hb1-VL220.int.bresnan.net [
4 14 ms 11 ms 12 ms blnmtdc3hb6.int.bresnan.net []
5 53 ms 40 ms 42 ms
6 52 ms 46 ms 42 ms ge-6-16.car2.Denver1.Level3.net []
7 36 ms 39 ms 35 ms ae-31-55.ebr1.Denver1.Level3.net []

8 58 ms 56 ms 64 ms ae-2.ebr2.Dallas1.Level3.net []
9 54 ms 54 ms 58 ms ae-81-88.ebr1.Dallas1.Level3.net []
10 75 ms 78 ms 76 ms ae-8-8.car1.Phoenix1.Level3.net []
11 86 ms 88 ms 86 ms ae-11-11.car2.Phoenix1.Level3.net []

12 92 ms 77 ms 77 ms THE-GO-DADD.car2.Phoenix1.Level3.net [
13 63 ms 64 ms 63 ms ip-208-109-112-154.ip.secureserver.net [208.109.
14 * * * Request timed out.
15 * * * Request timed out.
16 * * * Request timed out.
17 * * * Request timed out.
18 90 ms 119 ms 125 ms ip-64-202-160-153.secureserver.net [
19 * * * Request timed out.
20 75 ms 70 ms 95 ms parkwebwin-v02.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net [68.1

Trace complete.


Butte, MT
well you can claim what you want but.. you have to realize those times are great if your getting 3mb down but I am paying extra for 15mb down and get 1/5 or less than that in the evenings for the last month. Some days I have been going as slow as 500kb. I've never experienced slowdowns like this from qwest so my thought is if I am going to be stuck at 7mb or lower I am just going to be patient and plan to have a second qwest line put in the house. At least then I'll get what I pay for. And while I'm at it I might as well just dump Bresnan cable and go with a dish competitor for good measure leaving Bresnan without my $120/month. I would and will be recommending this to folks from here out while explaining to them the terrible service and support I received from Bresnan. By the way I sent those traces to Bresnan and they replied saying it appears to be a problem outside of our network. Which is funny because the day before they blamed my router for being broken. Do they have a clue what is really going on? I doubt it. As long as they can blame anything other than themselves they are good with it and that just does not cut it with me. When I first got qwest about 6 years back, I had speed troubles and they came out and changed every piece they could from our house to the pole and in their offices as well.. They spent a bunch of money to make things right and when it was all done and said I broke down and bought a cisco router instead of using their cheap unit they provide and my speeds were perfect for years. Imagine how they felt after I called em and told them it was their router and all that money they just spent was for nothing. The point is they were helpful and did everything they possibly could to fix the issue without thinking twice about it. If bresnan offered service like this, I wouldn't be on this forum ranting as I am now. Also I find it curious that this sort of thing doesnt happen to my internet buddies that live in highly populated areas where you would expect greater slowdowns during peak hours.


One of the folks at my office got a call from Bresnan yesterday. In a nutshell, they explained that they pushed out a service pack update two weeks ago, and have discovered it is incompatible with many of their modems. They've pulled the update back (system wide?), and asked him to reset his computer and modem. His speed is back up to what it was before the slowdowns. Was this the silver bullet? I don't know, but it seemed to work in his case. Seems to me that realizing "Hey, we sent out an update two weeks ago, and we started having massive trouble two weeks ago, I wonder if it's related?" wouldn't have been a big leap, but then I'm not a propellerhead tech guy.


Butte, MT
reply to bigburd
Came home tonight and did the speakeasy test as usual.. I'm actually getting 8000 down tonight which is acceptable to me at peak hours.. Maybe Bresnan miraculously fixed everyone else's stuff, I'll test on and off through the night. If this is the case I am extremely disappointed as well as offended by the treatment I have been receiving from them. There ought to be a law....... Now if they could just come fix my cable television I would be greatly appreciative of their (lack of) efforts. Would be nice to be able to watch on-demand and HD channels on our LCD in our bedroom again. The wife is REALLY missing her music too.


Butte, MT
6:45 and still got good speed.. joy?


Butte, MT
reply to bigburd
No joy and I'm not he only one.. buddy in anaconda is getting the same speed. he said he couldn't even load a page last night. Amazing how the up is fine. This is just terrible...I'm speechless for once

Last Result:
Download Speed: 1019 kbps (127.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 883 kbps (110.4 KB/sec transfer rate)


Butte, MT
reply to bigburd
Last Result:
Download Speed: 2654 kbps (331.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 973 kbps (121.6 KB/sec transfer rate)


Anaconda, MT
reply to bigburd
thought id post the speed test on here and its very disappointing that i paid the premium service and i have videophone that uses the internet and i cant even have a good picture clarity and its all pixelation so bad that i cant use it and how the hell can i call 911 if emergency came up ?? and others may think my speed is "good enough"
but its not good enough for me .. it has to be good quality as near as possible as you can see on a television .. thats the kinda quality i want to see
Download Speed: 2494 kbps (311.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1052 kbps (131.5 KB/sec transfer rate)


reply to bigburd
Looks like things are shit again tonight. Ping spikes after hop 5...and if you look at the dns, it's in the SAME town (billings). It should barely increase at all in the same town. This is making my normal game servers have a ping 50ms higher than normal. And being the weekend, this probably wont get fixed until Monday:

Tracing route to pz-in-f100.google.com [] with TTL of 32:

1 0ms pfsense.local []
2 * Request timed out.
3 9ms host-69-144-26-161.static.bresnan.net []
4 16ms mslmtfh1hb7-SO-0-3-0-U0.int.bresnan.net []
5 17ms host-72-175-110-3.bln-mt.client.bresnan.net []
6 72ms host-72-175-110-10.bln-mt.client.bresnan.net []
7 86ms
8 94ms six.sea01.google.com []
9 102ms
10 105ms
11 102ms
12 100ms
13 114ms
14 98ms
15 97ms pz-in-f100.google.com []

The alternative for me is Centurytel, but they are currently capped at 10Mbps/768Kbps in this town. And don't forget the overhead that typically comes with dsl

Just wish this shit would work for at least a week without some sort of problem.


reply to bigburd
These issues have occured a number of times and each time it has resulted in degraded service through Bresnan, so it really IS their problem. When you pay for a service, there will be one or two times throughout the year where there are problems. I have found myself posting too many times on THIS forum because of issue after issue.

I understand that fiber cuts are outside the control of the ISP. When it comes to quality of service issues with their peer networks though, Bresnan should be actively engaged with the providers 24/7 until the issue is resolved and I don't get the feeling that this is occuring.

It seems like weekend problems come and go and no resolution occurs until the netops guys wander in on Monday morning.


Butte, MT
reply to bigburd
stayed up late tonight.. took me all day to do a linux install that usually takes me about three hours. I felt like I have my old 256k DSL line again. I cant work in these conditions. I tried poking out my qwest line and I found it is so much more responsive right now it isnt even funny and that is only a 1.5Mb line. This has got to end one way or another.


reply to bigburd
Same shit again tonight, ugh...

Tracing route to with TTL of 32:

1 0ms
2 * Request timed out.
3 10ms
4 22ms
5 34ms
6 108ms «- wtf
7 133ms
8 165ms
9 165ms
10 160ms
11 160ms
12 141ms
13 139ms
14 162ms
.. and so on


Butte, MT
Just called Bresnan today and had my connection turned down to normal from the plus, no need to pay for something I am not getting. A little funny here...

This morning the bresnan web site and speed test are down. With this information and what the gods at bresnan tell me about using only their speedtest I am assuming I am DOWN today even tho speakeasy says I am getting my full 8Mb.

After calling and having my speed turned down, they claim they are crediting me $50 which will cover about a half hour of the 40+ hours I have into trying to figure out why I can't get my speed.

Just so everyone understands.. the post from snooper above is hearing impaired and COUNTS on his video phone to communicate with the world. He is experiencing the exact same thing I am from 30 miles away and has been told all of his equipment is broken, just like we were told. Most folks at work say they can't get anywhere fast at night and at times can't even load a web page. I'm holding off waiting as long as I can for that speed and reliability to come back but I honestly do not believe the Bresnan folks even have a clue anything is wrong and thus are sticking to their guns. Ignorance is bliss..


Great Falls, MT
I am back with some new info folks. First off, I have confirmed reports that there is to be maintenance performed relating to this or a similar issue by Bresnan the first week of October. Cross your fingers!!! Secondly, my connection was ok for a few days. It wasn't perfect but under the circumstances being able to watch Netflix seems like a giant leap for mankind. I have been keeping tabs on my connection more than usual so I can catch it in the proverbial act. I was gaming on my Xbox360 last night and began to lag horribly. I was booted from Xbox LIVE and promptly disconnected my Xbox and connected my PC to my modem and ran a few Trace routes. This is what I came across to my dismay.

Tracing route to www.l.google.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 373 ms 197 ms 353 ms host-10-254-72-1.grf-mt.client.bresnan.net []
2 120 ms 70 ms 137 ms grfmt001hb6-GE-1-3-0-U224.int.bresnan.net []
3 216 ms 87 ms 114 ms blnmtfh1hb7-SO-0-3-0-U0.int.bresnan.net []
4 171 ms * 199 ms blnmtdc3hb6.int.bresnan.net []
5 199 ms 41 ms 85 ms
6 161 ms 160 ms 89 ms den1-core-02.360.net []
7 261 ms 102 ms 129 ms lax1-core-01.360.net []
8 331 ms 119 ms 136 ms
9 293 ms 251 ms * core1-0-1-0.lax.net.google.com []
10 279 ms * 184 ms
11 209 ms 198 ms 131 ms
12 179 ms 200 ms 179 ms
13 218 ms 214 ms 167 ms
14 264 ms 234 ms 92 ms
15 266 ms 155 ms 235 ms pw-in-f104.google.com []

The next hour or so the numbers jump around, mainly up, and settle down enough for me to continue wasting my life gaming. Now I have a question. I know that first IP is an internal IP of some sort. I can't trace it to any piece of equipment I have here. It is the same IP on 2 PCs so that leads me to believe it is an IP of a piece Bresnan equipment such as a router or something of the sort. Any help would be nice. If it seems to be my equipment, please let me know. I don't want to misplace my frustration towards Bresnan when its me.

A bit more info: These are the same numbers I get on all of my PC's in the house so its not central to one system. My Xbox is also affected and can be backed up by trace routes. Its doesn't seem to be an issue in my network (a.k.a. unsupported router) because, at the behest of Bresnan, I have been running routerless. So.... wtf!?


Butte, MT

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Wouldn't it be nice if they would just tell you this when you call instead of getting the run-around? I hope you are right I am holding out until after the first week of the month just to see. I like the speed I was getting prior to the outtage but I just can't work at night and I need to be able to work. This is by far the worst situation I have been in with an ISP to date.

Thank you for this output as well because now you are proof that the routers are NOT the cause of this. I'm sure that one of the bresnan geniuses will come in and tell you that your pc is bad because of that bad lag at the initial hop. It won't be them I can guarantee you that. They will look for something, tell you to kill your anti virus or the windows firewall next or something assinine like that. Heck let's just all toss security to the wayside, disconnect our routers, shut down our firewalls, uninstall our antivirus and run em wide open for the botnets to run awry on all they want..

For anyone continuing to have this problem that is consistently being blamed for it here is the link to the FTC web site where you can complain about Bresnan's terrible service:

»www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FT ··· ?Lang=en


Great Falls, MT

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They already pulled that. Told me that it is my PC. But not just MY PC. Its EVERY PC in my house. As well as my Xbox. They are all faulty in some way or another. I find it funny. Not "ha ha" funny, but "WTF am I paying for because it surely can't be internet" funny. I am about to the end of my rope here.


Butte, MT
There is my complaint to the FTC.. all should jump aboard that are getting this smoke job from Bresnan. The more complaints the FTC gets, the harder they will look at the issue is my experience. Just asking everyone to put a little pressure on these folks so they know we mean business.

Thank you for contacting the FTC. Your complaint has been entered into Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database available to thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies worldwide. Your reference number is:


Butte, MT
reply to bigburd
You can also add this to the list of places to complain..

Here is the FCC complaint link:


Butte, MT
reply to bigburd
Filing for: -EDITED- has been received by FCC. Thanks for your information. When inquiring about your complaint, be sure to reference this number: 09-C00160733 and, be sure to mention that you filed this complaint over the internet.


Butte, MT
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Okay so I did my part in this and filed complaints with the proper authorities. I can only encourage ANYONE having this similar experience to do the same. Legally pressuring them is the only thing I can figure to do at this point.


Butte, MT

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REMINDER! If you have been following this thread I have now downgraded to the slower connection. ~7Mb should be my norm.

Last Result:
Download Speed: 996 kbps (124.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 369 kbps (46.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

traceroute to www.l.google.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 host-10-252-148-1.but-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 10.598 ms 6.754 ms 9.626 ms
2 butmtfh2hb6-GE-0-0-0-U120.int.bresnan.net ( 11.007 ms 8.820 ms 10.623 ms
3 hlnmt002hb7-SO-1-2-0-U10.int.bresnan.net ( 14.515 ms 28.721 ms 21.199 ms
4 mslmtfh1hb7-GE-0-0-0-U432.int.bresnan.net ( 20.713 ms 16.813 ms 20.367 ms
5 host-72-175-110-3.bln-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 23.198 ms 32.656 ms 35.696 ms
6 host-72-175-110-10.bln-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 168.508 ms 163.059 ms 171.507 ms
7 ( 175.576 ms 197.918 ms 170.453 ms
8 six.sea01.google.com ( 176.134 ms 216.800 ms 173.574 ms
9 ( 183.151 ms ( 171.116 ms 183.063 ms
10 ( 183.372 ms 240.296 ms ( 178.712 ms
11 ( 186.749 ms 220.310 ms ( 199.351 ms
12 ( 194.377 ms ( 179.716 ms ( 197.540 ms
13 ( 194.950 ms ( 187.572 ms 168.057 ms
14 px-in-f104.google.com ( 175.282 ms 172.056 ms 176.162 ms

traceroute to www.l.google.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 host-10-252-148-1.but-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 10.333 ms 12.333 ms 12.285 ms
2 butmtfh2hb6-GE-0-0-0-U120.int.bresnan.net ( 8.191 ms 10.985 ms 12.922 ms
3 hlnmt002hb7-SO-1-2-0-U10.int.bresnan.net ( 19.562 ms 16.404 ms 20.601 ms
4 mslmtfh1hb7-GE-0-0-0-U432.int.bresnan.net ( 18.769 ms 20.938 ms 19.818 ms
5 host-72-175-110-3.bln-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 24.751 ms 26.238 ms 26.248 ms
6 host-72-175-110-10.bln-mt.client.bresnan.net ( 138.664 ms 144.624 ms 135.607 ms
7 ( 146.870 ms 153.410 ms 152.879 ms
8 six.sea01.google.com ( 157.981 ms 168.892 ms 153.778 ms
9 ( 159.553 ms 157.355 ms 160.216 ms
10 ( 169.084 ms ( 158.724 ms 160.992 ms
11 ( 159.685 ms ( 156.418 ms ( 164.930 ms
12 ( 164.970 ms ( 164.514 ms ( 169.676 ms
13 ( 163.540 ms ( 178.568 ms 196.738 ms
14 px-in-f103.google.com ( 187.706 ms 189.398 ms 193.216 ms

I traced the same address twice to verify.. This clearly shows bresnan billings massively slowed down.

On top of this the Bresnan speedtest shows full speed ahead.. These are not real world results and are clearly misleading


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Here we go again, another night of HORRIBLE latency and THIS time it is a bresnan issue:

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms firewall.rubicon.homedns.org []
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 10 ms 8 ms 9 ms host-69-144-26-145.static.bresnan.net [69.144.26
4 15 ms 15 ms 18 ms mslmtfh1hb7-SO-0-3-0-U0.int.bresnan.net [69.144.
5 15 ms 15 ms 16 ms host-72-175-110-3.bln-mt.client.bresnan.net [72.
6 188 ms 191 ms 191 ms host-72-175-110-10.bln-mt.client.bresnan.net [72


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Talked with the level 2 tech tonight about this weird hop that's increasing latency, and send him a separate email with more data/tests in regards to it. But yea it's doing it for me yet again.. so I'm going to monitor about when it started (7:30pm MST or so) and when it stops (we will see) and pass that info along to him as well.

Powell, WY
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Here are the smokeping graphs since I started tracking it from my connection in Butte.