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Park Ridge, IL

connection problems...is it just me?

I've had an a600 for a few weeks now and while I've been fairly satisfied with the connection once it is up, a lot of the time it takes a long time (up to 20 minutes) to get a connection in an area where I *know* there is a good signal.

I use it to commute via train from Chicago to Orland Park.

Several problems can happen:

1) the a600 gets no signal once it powers up. Just a little green
blinking light "no service". This can happen powercycle after powercycle (unplug, wait, plug back in). A lot of the time this is when I'm sitting in the station...and I go from multiple 'no signal's to a 4-bar strong signal.

2) once the cricket dial app finds the modem and says it has signal, clicking "connect" does nothing. The app says "dialing", the lights on the modem say there is a signal (solid green circle) but the circle doesn't blink, so you know no data is being transmitted. After 40-50 seconds you get a popup "machine on the other end not responding" window.

3) clicking connect on the dial app does nothing....it just blinks when you click on it. No "dialing".

Sometimes I get a combination of 1) and 2) which can suck. "wow, I finally got a signal!" followed by "not responding".

Should I try to get another a600?

Anyone know the ^D (control-d) secret password for the a600?