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Toledo, OH

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Consumption Graph?

Anyone else notice the Consumption graph in the membership services section on the website and also now under the speedtest on the main buckeye-express.com website?

I never noticed it before and I am pretty sure it's new as of this month but I could be wrong. I don't pay too much attention but I check speeds every couple weeks and didn't notice it the other week.

Anyone think this is a prelude to usage caps that will be coming sometime next year? In the FAQ it seems to be playing it off to help you better monitor your usage,but it seems kinda strange to me that they would take the time to make the utility when even some of the other companies that do currently cap can't even make one properly.

I hope if they do decide to do caps that they are pretty reasonable with them and not a bunch of cheap skates and try some garbage 5-20 gig cap.

I only use the 2Mbit package right now and have been for quite a while but looks like my monthly average is around 50 gigs or so. With all the game betas and crap being so large now,and same with World of Warcraft patches and updates for the 10 other games I play and soon to be updates for Aion. (not even counting the windows updates I haven't done in a few months since I have been using Windows 7)

I can see where I could do even more in a month and hope this is not the start of them capping everyone.

Suggestion for buckeye.

First package should be no less then 20 gigs,second package no less then 60-70 gigs,3rd package should be at least 120-150gigs and anything higher then the 8mbit package should be unlimited.

Or better yet it should all stay unlimited like it should be.