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This is a sub-selection from Massive Slowdowns?


reply to bigburd

Re: Massive Slowdowns?

Inside info on this issue.

The problem is not, as speculated, a bandwidth or over-subscription problem. The issue is/was related to issues with how a major peer provider handles their BGP route announcements.

Despite what some have claimed, traceroutes are very important to have ready when contacting tech support. They might not directly show the slowdown but they do provide valuable data for engineering groups to isolate the problem routes/paths.

Using the bresnan speedtest is valuable because it will help isolate if the issue is local to your connection or more a matter of getting out of the network. If your tests to the internal test servers show full (or close to full) speeds then it's not a local issue at your house. So don't call and ask for a tech because he/she won't be able to do anything at your house.

As far as I'm aware 360 fixed their BGP announcement problems so if you're still having issues you need to report it to the phone support people.
You can run traceroutes from the command line- windows, mac, and linux all have the command-line traceroute utility. (mac users, it's called 'terminal' in your applications folder).

Bigburd, you say your DSL works great. Well guess what smart guy, Bresnan uses the same peer link that Qwest does, and if that peer runs into a bandwidth crunch, which company's traffic you think they are going to give first priority to? A small local ISP or a huge national company that they have to peer with all over the US? You do the math.


Helena, MT
Thanks for the info AnonInsider. I hope it's true, and that it's being addressed. A little less snark would be appreciated though, smart guy.

In the last week I've had several people where I work asking me about the problems Bresnan seems to be having. The frustration level is high because the phone support folks, who I realize don't have a choice, are sticking to their scripted "solutions" of "unplug/restart your router/modem/computer", "you have a virus and need to take in to be cleaned up", etc. There was even an instance when a Bresnan field tech came out to check the line (which was fine) and ended up with him in a swearing tirade on the phone with his own tech people, essentially because they were giving HIM the run around.

Word has been getting around quickly at work (a little agency of 2000) about all of this, and Bresnan's rep is sinking fast across the state. Most have said they'd be ok if Bresnan admitted the problem and were working on it, rather than being buried under the piles of BS that have been shoveled out.

I've had good service with Bresnan up to now, and hope it returns. However the current dishonesty is disappointing for something we're paying hard cash for, especially in this economic climate.


Butte, MT
reply to AnonInsider
Now wait.. HAHA!

You started your post saying it was NOT a bandwidth problem, then at the end of your post you say at peak hours Bresnan's traffic gets a lower priority than qwests???? Is... this... not... a bandwidth.... problem? And just how do BGP routes happen to become broken DAILY at ~5pm and run well into the night??? I watched very close yesterday and it was like somebody was standing at a switchbox at 5pm, flipped the switch and everything slowed down. NOT ONLY THIS but our digital TV channels haven't worked for a day and a half now. I can't get any HD channels, I can't watch any on-demand movies, and the music channels are gone! All I get is a "Please Wait' on the screen. Personally I believe bresnan is harrassing me because they don't like what I am saying/doing. I know they are watching this thread. So let's get the score here:

1. I lose any and all functional bandwidth at ~5pm every day to where I cannot work and definitely cannot play any online games.

2. Neither of my cable boxes are capable of getting HD channels

3. neither of my cable boxes are capable of getting on-demand

4. neither of my cable boxes are capable of getting the digital music

5. I'm paying hard earned money for this

Bresnan has claimed:
1. it is my router
2. it is folks outside the other end of their network (out of their control)
3. 360 networks had bad BGP routes that seem to only be broken at ~5pm but they are fixed now
4. speakeasy speedtest do not provide any form of reliable information (although I get full speed all day long until 5pm)
5. "we do not read DSL reports" which is clearly a lie with the last post
6. Qwest's traffic gets more priority over the backbone which clearly tells me they are capable of providing a more reliable connection and better service. Somebody should tell qwest this so they can push this fact onto the public in the form of a commercial.

Look you and your Bresnan cronies can blah blah all day long. I know what I am experiencing and it is making it impossible for me to work OR play which is what I am paying my hard earned money for. I have no faulty equipment at the moment and all is working fine contrary to bresnan's claims. I'm going to take this into a whole new direction tonight after work, get ready bresnan.


Whitefish, MT

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reply to AnonInsider

Thanks for the updates. During the day it does appear as though the situation is resolved. At night however during peak time, we are still seeing spikes in latency above 100ms which of course makes working on a vpn connection fairly painful. I understand that ICMP requests are normally de-prioritized but the behavior over the last week would lead me to believe that this is not the case with the Bresnan network devices. You can see in the graphs that the behavior is repeated every evening.

I have provided traceroutes to support that show that the primary issue starts between the and Bresnan network devices where latency goes from 20ms on device one to 80-100 ms on device 2. At this point in time we havn't left the Bresnan network out to the internet yet.



Helena, MT
reply to AnonInsider
AnonInsider? Guess what smart guy, Bresnan uses Vision Net to get to 360. Qwest has no peering with Vision net, and splits ATTF1A, ATTF1C, 360, and the PearlFiber1 they bought from Sprint long ago. For Helena, Qwest routes either ATTF1C to Butte then Bozeman and out on ATT to Seattle) or they route their own link to Missoula where it either routes ATTF1A or 360. I could quote their routes for every town in MT, but suffice it to say, "You are full of beans".

And, you are also dead wrong about the cause of the issue. The letter I have on my desk from Pragash Pillai makes it pretty clear that the problem is two things - and both are more or less because they really didn't understand how to implement their new head-ends and no one at Bresnan really expects any improvement until they start splitting node traffic up on to different channels and learning how their shiny new DOCSIS3 head ends actually work.

There is also a hint of regret in his words relating to using DOCSIS3 head ends from different manufacturers for different towns. Mixing Arris and Cisco has caused some engineering headaches.

So, sometime in January, there is a possibility of seeing some improvement in Helena and Great Falls as Bresnan starts testing out some different channel bonding and channel rotation with their Arris C4s. Bozeman and Missoula after that, and then on to Billings, Casper, etc etc and finally Colorado.

But, the DOCSIS3 stuff is also going to bring some pain. Now that Bill Bresnan has passed away and Congress has cleared the way for Comcast to grow, there is nothing stopping Comcast from taking their 48% share in Bresnan up to 100% ownership. With DOCSIS3 offerings in these markets ready to go, and Comcast chomping at the bit to suck in some more customers, we can probably all look forward to crazy fast speeds but strictly enforced data caps.

So, smart guy, quit lying to these nice folks.