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This is a sub-selection from Karl?


Laramie, WY

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reply to funchords

Re: Repub FCC commissioners have not commented yet

said by funchords:

A minority-proposed amendment doesn't mean much. It's sure getting a lot of press, though.
That's because they're right. Congress just recently reprimanded the FCC and insisted that it not be a loose cannon. Yet, today, the new Chairman -- while claiming that the new FCC would be data-driven and would not jump to conclusions -- stated without investigation several false conclusions (e.g. that there was no competition among providers) as the basis for a drive to regulate the Internet.

What's more, while the Chairman claims in his speech that there will be a public, open process, the proposed rules are being drafted behind closed doors, without public input or even the input of all of the Commissioners.

Since the FCC's powers are delegated by Congress, it has every right to stop such a farce before it gets going.
This is a sub-selection from Karl?