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Brooklyn, NY
reply to rj28

Re: [northeast] Brooklyn,NY FIOS Deployments

All depends on how complicated the install is. I had two guys working my job. Total time 2.5 hrs. One went to the poll out front and ran the wire to the house. We put the ONT on the outside right next to the Con Ed boxes. They tested the cable wires and determined that they could be repurposed for FIOS. (My Cable installation was refreshed a year ago so the cables are relatively new and in good condition). Since there was no need to run new cables through the house, the last big item was securing the battery / power supply and swapping out the cable boxes for FIOS. Wireless setup took about 1 minute after the tech spent about 14 minutes loading Verizon diagnostic / help software on my computer. Phone activiation was trivial.

My neighbor also switch to FIOS on Friday. I noticed another installation going in on 75th between 10th and 11th on Saturday (9/19).


Thanks freyjabj. I don't know what dictates the complexity - I'm in a 2 family house, and the inside of the house is wired up for coax. I know my current TWC service comes in off a pole in front of the house, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case with my existing copper service, which comes in from the back (that's also where the termination point is, on the back of the house).

The rest should be gravy for them, just plug and play replacement. I'm hoping I don't have to stick around the whole day for this, but to get away from Time Warner I'd camp outside if I had to.


Brooklyn, NY
Same scenario for me. Verizon left the wire coming in from the back even though I no longer use it. The other family still uses it. Phone service now comes from the fiber out front into the ONT.