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This is a sub-selection from Apple - King of Media

Mclean, VA
reply to dlewis23

Re: Apple - King of Media

said by dlewis23:

@ Time

Apple wont sign up with a CDMA provider, It doesn't make since for them to have to remake a device for 1 market.

If anything I would expect them to go to T-Mobile and AT&T at the same time.

The only time I could ever see Apple going to verizon is when LTE is there primary network.
Apple has been known to pull surprises out of their bag. A large base of this country are on CDMA, so I wouldn't be surprised if Apple took advantage of that over the next couple of years. It may not be on the 3GS, but that new iPhone that's coming out next summer, I'm willing to bet will be on more than just AT&T. Having phones on multiple providers has worked well for RIM.