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This is a sub-selection from Apple - King of Media

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Re: Apple - King of Media

said by Time:

said by Metatron2008:

Whatever. Last I looked at a Mac Pro they used the i7 processors.

And the fact that the Mac Pro uses A Xeon that is EXACTLY THE SAME as my 1366 but has ECC or support for multiple cpus is not helping your point.
Obviously you've never looked at a Mac Pro then.

Your point is that Macs are too expensive. Either you're a Windows fanboy, or you are simply angry that another individual has more cash to drop on a desktop than you do. When I bought my Mac Pro, I knew I was getting a desktop that used quality parts with an OS that is 10x more stable (and less of a resource hog) than the piece of shit Vista is. Windows 7 is obviously a different story, and I've got my copy pre-ordered and a bootcamp partition waiting. You like PCs, I like Macs, get over yourself.

As far as your comment earlier:

And other devices that handle media? You mean the same way pcs handle media, or things like Wii, Xbox 360, PS3?
Please consult a grade school English teacher regarding reading comprehension. I said "PORTABLE" devices.

Music seller? The slowly collapsing music industry now makes you a king of media?
What the hell does the "collapsing music industry" have to do with Apple and iTunes? I mentioned the fact that iTunes is the largest "music store" with the most customers, and that is your response? Considering Apple sells not only music, but movies, podcasts, and TV Shows, I'd say "yes", they are the king of media in combination with their highly popular portable (there's that word again) devices.
More money to spend? I just bought an EEE Box for my kitchen. No, you Apple fanboys are amusing, in the fact that you waste money on overpriced goods.

And I put Ubuntu on the kitchen pc, so don't start with accusations of me being a windows fanboy. I put together all of my pcs, and I take 30 minutes to do it. Is $800-1000 for the rest of the pc worth my 30 minutes to put it together?

All parts are made in China, just like all windows pc. Your overpaying for a pretty shell and different OS.

And that makes you the king of media again? Again, lots of places do exactly as you said, including Amazon.

My views are my own.
Seriously.. get over yourself... if the PC platform works for you, then go for it.. if the mac platform works - great.. I have both and I see good in both. Honestly, not a single crash on my mac book pro.. worth every penny for that machine. I also have a vista machine that I paid less for but also get less reliability.. but it CAN do more than the mac..

But, you're acting and sounding like a child here.. the very fact you're attacking price exposes some sort of personal issue you've got going on in your head.. to attack someone for allegedly spending too much money on something puts you at about the 5th grade mentality... what people spend is non of your business. The fact you say "you apple fanboys are amusing" while defending your own turf makes you, yourself a "fanboy"... I don't care what you're a fan of on either side.. "fanboys" make me want to vomit in the first place as you guys think that you're some sort of player in the creation of the object you love so much.. you're just a consumer..

You have something that works for you.. great.. shut up and leave everyone the hell alone.