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This is a sub-selection from Apple - King of Media


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reply to Metatron2008

Re: Apple - King of Media

Yes it does. Xeos are lower-power, and Intel stands behind them in a business sense.

That said, I'm not buying a Mac Pro anytime soon. However I like my late 2007 iMac, my early 2009 MacBook and will probably get the video iPod nano after I review it.

Also, the music industry isn't collapsing. It's just changing and the RIAA is whining about the changes being made. iTunes bolstered this new music industry and is doing quite well for itself. Apple is actually the #1 manufacturer of PMPs in the US and possibly the world, though I'm not sure on the last part. I think Sandisk and Creative are second and third respecitvely, but they're WAAAAAAAY down the list.

There are fanboys (I'm not one of them...not after Apple decided to keep the iPhone on the nation's least reliable wireless network) and there are haters. You appear to fall in the latter group. The haters IMO are worse off.