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This is a sub-selection from Apple - King of Media

drop the crantini and move it, sister
Morristown, NJ
reply to HappyBunny9

Re: Apple - King of Media

said by HappyBunny9:

said by tiger72:

How is Apple "King of Media" when it took them 3 years to enable the most basic multimedia feature on cell phones for over a decade? The Multimedia Message. Of course, leave it to Apple fankids to forget that, and only point the blame at ATT (which happily allows MMS for everyone else).
Because it is AT&T who disables it, not Apple. I have an iPhone on T-Mobile and my MMS has been working for ages.

Check your facts before you just rush to beat on Apple.
Facts, shmacts. The dude has a hard-on for trashing the phone. Who knows why.

The posts are short on facts, like the "oh they need a 3rd party provider", yes, they do, and it's the same one that's doing the MMS junk for the other much more awesome phones that have had MMS for "a decade" (erm..).
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