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Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
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Re: starconnect down 9/1 ?

said by foothilldave:

For me to go to WildBlue would cost me (at least) $250 equipment - fees start at $50/mo for less than what I get now - $70/mo for something decent - and you need to sign a two year contract. I already had 2 phone lines and decided to dedicate one. One-way works just fine and is cheaper.
As a former one-way customer, I don't buy the "less than I got now" bit. Specifically - you've only got a max 33.6k send with one-way. Then there's the aggravation of constantly waiting for the dialup modem to connect (or to reconnect after it drops out). But each to his own.

Somebody's been feeding you bad info though - there's no "$250 equipment" to go Wildblue. If you want to fold the equipment into your monthly bill, you lease it for six bucks a month for 2 years. Alternatively you can opt to pay the 2 years lease in advance - for $100.

Don't know what a dedicated phoneline costs in your area. But around here one-way plus phone line would be about sixty bucks a month. That kind of money buys 1000k/128k connection from HughesNet.

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