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Master Pivot

Federal Way, WA

[DTA] DTA - Unable to turn on TV with Comcast remote

So I recently received two DTA adapters from Comcast. I connected them to the TVs and activated them without any problems. But, no matter whether I do, I am unable to turn on the TVs.

Turning them off, changing channels and adjust volume is no problem. I just can't turn the TVs on.

I've tried the automatic search, the codes from both the Philips section of the code sheet provided as well as the Magnavox section. I also got more codes from the Comcast website for both brands. All told, I found about six codes that seem to work for everything except for actually turning on the TVs.

To rule out the possibility of a busted remote, I also switched the remotes to no avail.

Anyone know how to fix this?

TV: (1) Philips, (1) Philips Magnavox


Accokeek, MD
Some TVs from known brands (it's not just a Philips issue) use atypical codes (which is why you may actually have multiple codes for a single TV from a single manufacturer, each one controlling some features, but one that controls them all), forcing trial-and-error. I've seen this with multiple brands of universal remotes and with multiple brands of TVs. Even the Harmony 880 (the heavyweight champ of universal remotes) gets bit.

Naperville, IL
reply to Master Pivot
I'm in the same boat two tvs and can't turn them on. All other function work.

Tavistock NJ
reply to Master Pivot
Use the TV's remote to turn them on. That is why they sell remote control caddys to sit on the table next to where you sit.


Reading, PA
reply to Master Pivot
Many of the codes in the DTA remote code sheet don't work properly for the Philips and Philips/Magnavox TVs. There is nothing you can really do except to use your TV remote to turn it on/off and control the volume and use the DTA remote to control the channels.


reply to Master Pivot
I've seen the same issue on as well on a Philips and Magnavox TV. (3 different TV's of those brands.) Here's a little trick that works Everytime that I discovered!
Prss the VOL+ button a second right before the command that you want to send to the TV. For example to turn the TV off, press VOL+ release it and then Power on the DTA remote right after it.
Let me know if that works for you as well. I've tried all the codes for Philips and Magnavox, and the TV doesn't always respond to the commands, but if you press VOL + first it will. Also, make sure that you have the remote in the mode to adjust the TV volume and not the DTA volume for this trick to work.


reply to Master Pivot
Volume+ and then power on. I tried it and it works great. Thanks so much. How'd you figure that out?


Trial and error. Pretty much by accident, I was playing around with the remote and once I discovered it, I tried it several more times and it continued to work.