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This is a sub-selection from Apple - King of Media

My views are my own.
reply to Metatron2008

Re: Apple - King of Media

Seriously.. get over yourself... if the PC platform works for you, then go for it.. if the mac platform works - great.. I have both and I see good in both. Honestly, not a single crash on my mac book pro.. worth every penny for that machine. I also have a vista machine that I paid less for but also get less reliability.. but it CAN do more than the mac..

But, you're acting and sounding like a child here.. the very fact you're attacking price exposes some sort of personal issue you've got going on in your head.. to attack someone for allegedly spending too much money on something puts you at about the 5th grade mentality... what people spend is non of your business. The fact you say "you apple fanboys are amusing" while defending your own turf makes you, yourself a "fanboy"... I don't care what you're a fan of on either side.. "fanboys" make me want to vomit in the first place as you guys think that you're some sort of player in the creation of the object you love so much.. you're just a consumer..

You have something that works for you.. great.. shut up and leave everyone the hell alone.