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Barnhart, MO

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ATT Wireless Broadband

After using Hughes and Verizon, I switched to Millenicom earlier this year. Evidently they were selling an unlimited service without properly negotiated upstream contracts, so unlimited service has suddenly become capped at 5GB.

I started looking at ATT Wireless broadband because I have a 20% employer discount with ATT wireless through my employer.

I have a 3G signal on my cell and checked to see if there were towers in my area. The towers are approximately 1.5 miles from my house similar to the distance of the Verizon tower I was using with Millenicom.

So I ordered the ATT Mercury USB device. It was $119 on a 1 year plan with $100 rebate and a $25 discount for ordering online making it free.

I signed up for the $60 data plan that will be $48 with my discount. Make sure that you choose the no voice feature to eliminate the pesky fees and taxes.

One plus might be free accessibility to ATT Wi-Fi hostspots. ATT bought Wayport so they now have access points in many of the McDonalds around the country. ATT also had an arraignment with Starbucks as well.

I will post my progress and reviews.


Barnhart, MO
My ATT Mercury device arrived last night. I ordered it Thursday morning so a total of a couple of business days to ship and receive. I ordered the Mercury device because the QuickSilver device has some "compatibility" problems with ny MBR1000. The device also accepts a MicroSD chip enabling it to double as a USB thumb/jump drive. The only con about the device is it does not have a swivel point on it which causes it to stick out 3"-4" from the computer.

I installed the SIM card and plugged the device in. My autorun detected the installation files in the memory on the device and I ran the setup. 15 minutes later I was on and had a good connection.

The ATT software also has text messaging enabled. I plan on sending a few to make sure if there are additional fees associated to texting.

One final item. I logged into my ATT account this morning and had an accounting of my usage from the day prior. I know that it was at times to get a usage statistics from VZ Access Manager.

I will run some speed tests and post them over the weekend.