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Santa Rosa, CA
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to tiger72

Re: Apple - King of Media

said by tiger72:

I have a hardon for placing blame where it's due. If I didn't like the phone at all, I wouldn't own one. See below:
Before OS 3.0, Apple didn't support it. Apple fankids seem to "forget" stuff like that. I own an iPhone (and a G1) which my girlfriend uses on T-Mobile. Yes it does MMS now thanks to the 3.0 software. Before? Not so much. Not without swirlyMMS - and I don't exactly count requiring 3rd party apps to get MMS as Apple "supporting" MMS on the iPhone.

So again, place blame where it's due. Blame ATT for their horrible 3g call quality, dropped calls, and poor data in the bigger cities, but the inability to do MMS was APPLE's creation, and the lack of support now is *mostly* thanks to Apple's original lack of support. The iPhone's lack of support of a decade-old technology required ATT to use a different system for receiving MMS, and now iPhone fankids are blaming ATT because it's taking a few months longer to reconfigure those settings.

You kids were obviously happy with the first 2 years of not having that basic feature - why so pissy about an extra few months?
This is so true. Apple fanbois is try to defend Steve at all costs.

Apple didn't install the MMS software until 3.0.

It is BOTH AT&T's and APPLE's FAULT.
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