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reply to Karl Bode

Re: Socialism

said by Karl Bode:

Especially as it's so alien they don't see that's what they already live under.
Most Americans have never left the country. They don't know socialism, fascism or ventriloquism from silly putty. At this point, "socialism" is used by professional distortionists as a buzz word to conjure up images of scary bearded individuals wielding AK-47s. With failing schools that increasingly forget to teach critical thinking it's not surprising I guess.
The ironic thing is that these failing schools are a result of socialism.

Chicago, IL

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Schools aren't failing due to "socialism", they're in trouble due to the fact that the children are being bombarded with peripheral influences. This is a Direct result of the programming that has diseased our youth for the past twenty-some years. Jerry Springer was one of the most egregious piles of s*it in this regard. Kids thought that was the way you act, and they brought that attitude to school. Disrupting class after class, this is an epidemic that has cost a generation a proper educational foundation. And to continue that spiral of ignorance, you have Rap music. Try teaching a kid how to respect authority with a Rap song. Billions and Billions of dollars wasted per year by the same sh*tbags that want you to bow before them while they walk the red carpet to accept their Oscar, Emmy, or Grammy.
Don't blame socialism...just find out what your kid is watching and what he/she is listening to!
BF69~~~Please stop suffocating gerbils!

I don't disagree about the influences in society.

However, my point was that the government spends countless billions on our public schools (spending has increased dramatically over the last decade) and yet our students perform *worse* than they ever have. This proves that government spending (aka socialism) is not the answer. This is why the government is inefficient: the idiots in Congress are not spending *their own* money. It's very easy to be wasteful with someone else's money. This is why the private sector is far more efficient -- they are in it for a profit, not to get reelected or to spend "feel good" money. Ergo, they will make every dollar count.

(NOTE: this is not to defend bandwidth capping, etc. I actually agree that net neutrality is a good thing).

Karl Bode
News Guy

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reply to KodiacZiller
The ironic thing is that these failing schools are a result of socialism.
As the son of a 40-year school social worker, schools are failing in part because we as a culture place a low priority on intellect and critical thinking. Money from the private sector also lures the smartest teachers away from schools (that would be a case of too little funding). Which, ironically, leads to people not having any idea what socialism even means.


Tomball, TX
Dang Karl, that was DEAD ON!

Schools are failing because the average kid is far smarter and less influenced by adult sociological norms. They have yet to be forced to swallow the "conformity" pill forced upon us by the companies we adults work for. They are true individuals that speak with an honest truth that is always dismissed by the old and jaded as "innocent immaturity" when in truth the kids are usually spot on with what most would call a decent unbiased well balanced human being.

Kids speak with their hearts on their sleeves instead of the double talk and duplicity that if an adult does not adhere too they will usually not advance in their careers beyond much more than a retail employee.

It is us adults who are broken.

Back on topic: Net neutrality is only offensive to someone who is looking to capitalize and prey on the uninformed. As long as network professionals like us keep speaking the truth about the lies and double-talk being "sold" to the general public then we should be able to keep the wolves at bay.