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Ames, IA

Media companies are what worries ME

I can't wait till ESPN's extortion results in every Internet customer's bill having $3 hidden in it for ESPN360, $3 for a movie studio, $3 for....

Soon we'll all be paying $120 per month to access the Internet.

Milford, NH
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Well crafted Network Neutrality regulations ought to prevent ISPs from entering into business relationships with preferred companies at the expense of others as well as content owners charging first-mile providers for the privilege of connecting.

This is not to say there cannot be charges for some content just that this cannot be done at the ISP level.

In my opinion there needs to be a clear distinction between carriage and content. ISP's main function is carriage, transparent deliver of data from customer to whomever the customer chooses. If they want to sell value add services all fine and good but that has to be separate from basic ISP functionality.

There are some functions only the ISP can provide, due to limited competition in first-mile I think those should be regulated. Other services can be provided by anyone and ought to be as open to competition as possible.