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This is a sub-selection from Apple - King of Media

united state
reply to fiberguy

Re: Apple - King of Media

said by fiberguy:

You're so caught up in apple bashing you have no idea what you're even talking about...

For one, I have 20 Windows machines, 6 of them are servers.. I have one iPhone, and one Mac Book Pro.. so I guess I'm an apple fanboy..

Seriously.. time to grow up.
Grow up? I've had the grown up discussion sad to say.

You Apple fanboys have ranted about them being the 'king of media'. The only real examples you gave were them being the best sellers of the dying music industry, and selling devices.

Lets understand some things. First, yes, the music industry IS DYING. Every year the music industry takes in less money. The movie and gaming industries at this point are far larger, and while Itunes sells these products, it certainly doesn't lead in sells.

If you honestly think that Apple is the 'king of media', you are an Apple fanboy, no matter how many windows machines you have.