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HD is still compressed a LOT »
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Allen, TX
reply to backness

Re: Keeping pace

said by backness:

First, who do you think you are that you can tell someone what their reasons for wanting a fast connection are?
Because that's what people do with their connections. Don't act like it's not.

Second, the equiment costs are based on a global marketplace.
No, they are not. A good example. I'm buying a Draytek Vigor 2820Vn. I can get it for either $250US or £180GBP. It comes from the same factory in mainland China, but what's the difference in cost? Regulatory difference make for a lot of cost difference between countries. Not only in bandwidth costs, but CPE and core infrastructure.

So if it is possible in Sweeden it is possible in Los Angles.
Never said it wasn't, but don't expect to get a 100Gbps fiber drop in Bumblefuck, VA. There is no way that it's cost effective.