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Suffern, NY
reply to funchords

Re: Cablevision's 101 Mbps+ is a parlor trick!

said by funchords:

said by Karl Bode's article :

Given the product is the marketing equivalent of a drop kick aimed squarely at Verizon's face, it wasn't surprising to see Verizon quickly downplay the offering, calling it little more than a "parlor trick."
It absolutely is a Parlor Trick. If these were doors, Cablevision's product would be made out of mosquito mesh and Verizon's would be made out of oak.

In Cablevision's land, no two customers on the same node can access 101 Mbps at the same time. They've taken the "up to XXX Mbps" concept to it's extreme.

Forget about 2 Ultra (101/15) users on the same node and look at one plus lots of Boost (30/5) users on the node. Although DOCSIS 3 supports 4 bonded frequencies, CV only is supplying 3 right now and one is being shared with the Boost Users on that node. I am not sure if the Bonding uses all the available bandwidth on each frequency or splits the load equally across each frequency (ie: It will only use 3 times the available bandwidth of the currently most loaded frequency instead of attempting to max-out all the frequencies). The net result is that due to the use of the Boost Frequency there is less available for the Ultra user to bond to the dedicated Ultra-Only Frequencies. Eventually/Hopefully CV will go to the full 4 Frequencies as well as making them all Ultra-Only ones (or at least make it 3 Ultras plus the Shared Boost).