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This is a sub-selection from Sunday Ticket?


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Re: Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket certainly isn't anything that millions of people are flocking for. Even the NFL Network isn't attracting that many sports package customers on Comcast, and Time Warner Cable knows they won't make any money on NFL Network, or they'd have negotiated with the NFL already to carry it.

The NFL Sunday ticket is one of those advertising gimmicks that hooks people, and once they get in to DirecTV, they aren't really willing to pay what it takes.

Verizon is going to spend billions to just make a few bucks on NFL Sunday ticket.

If this were a serious buy-out, it'd be for something else. And I can't see what Verizon would gain from this at all.

They obviously already have all the content negotiations done with video providers, or they wouldn't have a viable FiOSTV service that people would switch from cable for. So that wouldn't be an advantage they'd get with DirecTV. If anything, it would benefit the DirecTV side of the business, since they could almost immediately stop paying double for all of their content. But if that was the end game, then why acquire DirecTV at all?