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Lexington, KY

Windstream and wireless router question


I should start out by saying I am NOT having an issue with Windstream. I have 6 meg DSL with Belkin wireless router with a secure connection. Consistently around 6000 down on speed tests since I hooked up the router a while ago (maybe a month). The last week or so my speeds would fluctuate until it started gettting dial up slow when surfing the net. So I took my laptop, hooked directly to Speedstream modem and ran a speed test and it was 6100 down. So with that, it's obviously not a Windstream issue. I unplugged modem, router, and shut down computer. Booted modem, once that was booted, then I booted wireless router, then booted up my laptop and reconnected to wireless and everything is back to normal, fast, and has been for a few days. My question is, is this normal? Having to reboot the router? Should a wireless router need to be rebooted weekly or something or could something else be wrong? Perhaps a setting is incorrect? I logged into my router and it's set as a "Dynamic" connection and NOT a PPPoe. I changed that setting to try and I couldn't get a connection so I set it back to dynamic. I hope I'm not off base here by posting something that isn't a direct isp issue.



Danielsville, GA
Try going to the support website for your wireless router and wireless NIC and looking for firmware updates - that very well may fix your problem. Also, make sure there aren't any large metal objects (like filing cabinets, etc) between you and the router.

Twinsburg, OH
reply to mark40511
mark40511 -- it is typically not normal for your router to have caused the downgrade of your network connection performance. As you have indicated, you have this topology:

DSL Modem (PPPoE) > Belkin Router (DHCP) ~~wireless>> PC/Laptop

This, of course, creates a double NAT since the Speedstream modem is considered a 1-port router. You may want to try to bridge your Speedstream modem and set up your Belkin router for a PPPoE connection. If you're not sure how to set up your Belkin router for PPPoE, please provide the model number of your Belkin router so we can get the instructions for you.
We're here to help! wci.broadbandhelp@windstream.com


Lexington, KY
Yes the firmware is up to date. I went to the Belkin site and there was a firmware download but it was the exact version I already have. Please provide idiot instructions

The model # of the Belkin router is N F5D8236-4 V 1000

Windstream modem......Speedstream 4200

Since rebooting the router the other day, everything has been working great. I just wasn't sure if that is normal.


I don't use a wireless router, just a regular router. When I get a new component in my computer setup, I look at the settings very closely. Things like encryption do take resources. I also download manuals for any new computer equipment.