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Louisville, KY

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reply to dbirdman

Re: One-Way vs Two-way Satellite Systems

said by dbirdman:

said by bbinabox:

If there is someone with a problem here I usually IM them.
Is this the only forum you participate in? That's generally considered rude behavior, just as asking for e-mailed or IMed replies. Public forums are of the greatest value when questions and answers are public, subject to critique, and offering answers to the vast majority of non-posting lurkers.

I believe that the many people I have helped here will disagree with you birdman. Fortunately, they get what they need and go back to enjoying the Internet, as they should. Now go to the Hughes/WildBlue forums and see the difference. Talk about "sticking your foot in it". Name one poster on this forum in the last 16 months who DID NOT get their situation fixed!!! While I am only one person and I can't see/read every posting, I believe my time here has been very helpful/beneficial to anyone who's posted regarding an issue for any of the hybrid providers.

Today's poster was regarding speeds. I'm not too sure that was a tech support issue
Huh?!? Speed issues are the primary ones in all of those posts about 2-way problems that you like to point to as demonstrating the superiority of 1-way systems! I think you stuck your foot in it.

Huh?!? I deduced that it wasn't a tech support issue, I IM'd him, sent an email to his provider and went on. I am not really sure what you are getting at here -BUT- the 2-Way posters and entire online communities have discussed in-depth many many many more issues than the fact that their ACTUAL speeds are well below their ADVERTISED speeds.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY

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said by bbinabox:

I deduced that it wasn't a tech support issue, I IM'd him, sent an email to his provider and went on. I am not really sure what you are getting at .....
Well the way I read it:
1. you have yet to demonstrate sufficient technical expertise to actually make that call, and
2. you have started contacting posters via IM, to avoid getting caught publicly "sticking your foot in it".

Look. Don hosts his own two-way website, I moderate on a satellite internet site that enjoys global participation. We both belong to several other self-help and troubleshooting sites. By showing up on several of them - trying to position yourself as the "Ambassador" was absolutely the wrong move, especially since it quickly became clear that you didn't have the technical expertise to back up your words.

I see two alternative for you: (1) disappear and try to forget the whole embarrassing experience, or (2) cease and desist on your paranoid one-way crusade, and open yourself up to learning something from those of us who've already been there - done that.

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