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Pittsburgh, PA

Download speed below upload speed

Three months ago i switched over to cavalier from verizon, with advertised download speeds of 3mb, although with our distance verizon said we'd never get over 1.5mb.

Initially i got from 1.5mb to 2mb downloads, but recently the download speed is constantly under the upload speed. I had the internet completely down a few weeks ago, and cavalier (verizon) sent someone out the next day, and internet was working again. Ever since then the speeds have never got back to normal.

I've done many different speed tests and get around 524 Kbps download and 647 Kbps upload. Pings usually seems good, and a line quality test was 0% loss latency 21.9ms.

Is there anything i need to adjust on the modem? I logged into it and noticed it said the connection speeds was 800/160.

here are my speeds:

they're just horrible in general. Cancel NOW.


Pittsburgh, PA
reply to yumbot
Well from what i understand it's just verizon dsl anyways, so they aren't an option (we noticed the same issue with them before). So the only thing left is comcast which is just too expensive once they add their fees/cable crap.

Salisbury, MD
reply to yumbot
Its not verizon dsl by any means. Cavalier has their own equipment they use at the CO and you have a different dsl modem with cavalier than verizon.

All cavalier does is rent the copper and the space in the CO from verzion, that is it.

The only time verizon gets involved is when their is a problem with the copper.

What you need to do is take the modem and hook it up directly to your NID outside and see what the modem syncs at to make sure it is not a problem with your inside wiring.
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