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Stardust We Are
Cleveland, OH
reply to screavic4

Re: Good step

said by screavic4:

I too agree they are low but like you said, it's to prevent people using the pipe 24/7.

They will scale I hope, the same as web hosting packages did. Started really small and now you can get "unlimited" packages fairly cheap but you are "limited" by what you can / can't do on them.
The cap use to be don't Quote me but 40 Gig Preferred and i think 60 Gig Premier.So they bumped it alot.But they have not enforced the caps(Least i have not seen one Complaint in the forums here).Will see what happens in the Future.
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I think you're about right. I recall reading 40 somewhere (preferred).
200 for preferred is probably close enough to "enough" that most won't ever touch that. It's also the tier that "most" are on.

When I was checking things about a year ago, I recall seeing a few months of pretty high usage, but far less than 200GB.

With this news I feel much better about not worrying that I'd hit some cap. Granted, I suppose I could get there and even surpass it, but thankfully they are still "soft" and would only hassle me if really needed.

That, and I'm in a college town. Tons of folks likely use a LOT more bandwidth than I would

Nice to hear about the updated policy. Glad they went with some fairly fair numbers instead of some insanely low one like AT&T wants to with DSL.