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Grandville, MI

Cable Card installs

I dont install that many a year. maybe 18-20. Its a decentmix of Tivo vs TV's. Im curious tho what percentage of HD TV's actually have the cablecard slots available. I've been quite suprised to see some very nice looking large displays that dont even have the option.

I wont go the cable card route until tru2 way is fully launched. I think most of my subs want the boxes for the ondemand feature. More and more TV's are having their own on screen guide so loosing that isnt a concern.

The 3 biggest hangups I have with the installs are TV's already mounted to the walls with no access to the slot, sets that need a firmware bump to work correctly and the Tivo's sitting still sealed in the box and sub saying "There ya go, how long will this take?"

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
They used to have them, then all of a sudden they disappeared.

I guess the average consumer takes the path of least resistance and takes a cable box.