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Slate Hill, NY


Yeah right. Time Warner here in NY was a fun experience with these things.

Almost a year ago now, I called up a TW rep, only to find that they had no idea what a cablecard was and got no help on the matter. I was surprised, to say the least, but shrugged it off. I purchased a Tivo-HD as I planned in the first place, read/researched a bit about S- and M-cards, and also found an acquaintance that had an M-card install not too long ago. A nightmare install by Cablevision, but that's another story.

The second call about 3 days later to TW got me some older lady rep, who wasn't all that nice, but at least admitted to having cablecards available. *grin* But claimed they only give out S-cards at $1.50/ea... oh, and it was required for them to roll a truck (as I expected), but at some huge service cost that I don't remember offhand (I didn't expect this). I was rather baffled that they wouldn't drop the cost on the card installation, being that I was with TW since 1988 or so. Alright, whatever. I'll wait for the TiVo-HD to come first before anything.

Long story short, Tivo-HD came a few days later. I called, got a nice lady who didn't know much on cablecards, put me on hold, came back quickly and lined up a M-card and a free installation appointment a week later.

So what did I get from this? Time Warner is trying to scare customers away from cablecards, but that's just my experience from a year or so ago. If that's what your less tech-savvy customers have to deal with, I can see why there's not a whole lot of cards out there. Maybe TW changed their policy, but all I know is I'm really enjoying my TiVo-HD over TW's buggy piece of crap DVR that they try to pass off to customers.