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Chicago, IL

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Re: as a comcast business customer, i blame comcast 100%.

actually one small hint that was dropped in there was they lose VOD revenue because of cablecard.

you can't do VOD on a cablecard (at least with tivo you can't... given that some cable company's cable boxes are powered by cablecards though, it seems like you should be able to get VOD if the device itself supports the technology... but again tivo does not support VOD w/ cablecard and i bet others don't either).

they do receive some revenues from video on demand... and they also get revenues from the ads that display on your guide on your cable box. and they can also potentially aggregate viewing information and sell that out even. also, having a tivo present instead of a cable box has the potential to suck away pay per view money too.

there's a lot of profit to be made from having a cable box in your home vs a cablecard.