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Karl Bode
News Guy
reply to majortom1029

Re: as a comcast business customer, i blame comcast 100%.

Its more of a customer service thing then a profit thing. I would think the cablecompanies would love to have to not provide the boxes .It would costs them less in customer support.
Yes I think the cable logic is why go out of their way to fund training and support for a technology that ultimately takes away one VOD and PPV customer or box renter.

Which makes business sense, but then to push overall embedded device numbers and total consumer adoption stats as evidence consumers don't want them seems a bit obnoxious.


Dracut, MA
reps DO get training and DO have support documents at fingertips. Not everyone makes use of this or still are clueless about them. But I will say I do often have people ask about cable cards, I am more then happy to set them up with them. We DO have to mention that the comcast guide doesn't come in and VoD doesn't come in as well as if I didn't then it is misleading, more often then not unless the person has a Tivo they will say nevermind about the card.

There are some Tru2way tv's out there which should allow access to VoD with a cablecard and hopefully we will see more people using cards.