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Re: One-Way vs Two-way Satellite Systems

said by bbinabox:

All of your (including birdman's) talk is just that, talk. Its what each technology was built on in the first place; proprietary/non-standard -OR- standard technologies. Did they scap it altogether or have they spent the past 15 years trying to 'morph' it into a consumer product?
Scrapped would be too harsh - your product has technology that has its roots in the same place. A wheel is a wheel - when you change from steel rims to rubber it doesn't stop being a wheel.

In that respect the current (and last 3 before current) Hughes platform has roughly the same relationship to the closed technology of the past as yours does.

Obviously by the reports from this web site and many many more on the web, you can see/find the answer(s).

Have a great day everybody!
If you want to use the internet to prove that people have problem with something it is not difficult. As I've pointed out more than once it is possible for your category of customers as well. If you want to use internet complaints as a basis, all automobiles are lemons, and all laws are both a communist conspiracy and simultaneously a neo-con plot.

Any product with a half-million or more customers will have a few hundred on the net both with legitimate problems, and perceived problems.

The difference between me and you is that I've personally met many hundreds of Hughes customers, both individually and in a room full, and problems seen in forums like this are NOT the standard experience. We are here to help those with problems, so it should not be a surprise that we deal with those problems on a day-to-day basis. We keep it public instead of hiding it in private communications, and you apparently feel that makes you superior.

It does not.
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