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Nepean, ON
reply to runlevelfour

Re: Good step

said by runlevelfour:

said by DJMASACRE See Profileany cap is a bad cap

preventing people from using the pipe 24/7 is contradicting to using Internet in the first place.

nice try though
AGREED. Funny how certain services such as internet and mobile phones are tightly metered to squeeze every cent out of customers while other services provided by largely the same companies do not. Television AFAIK does not have any capping system. Nor does local phone service (although one can argue LD).

The internet has become this way since it became commercialized. Every bit player has to make a killer profit, and will try wrangling the system into making sure we all pay for said profits.
its been a scam since day one,

thats why I still have not even thought about getting a celll phone or equivalent device.,

they have taken the market directly into stupidity....

rather than innovative ingenuity.

it makes no sense at all.

yet we see the flock of morons who believe what they are using has a purpose in every day life.

its absurd.

but i wont get into the details through this thread